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Welcome to The Smart Book – Boulder’s first comprehensive directory of eco friendly resources for a wholesome home. In response to our increasing need to make the sustainable choice, we are working with the local businesses in Boulder County who are making a commitment to environmentally-friendly service and products.

In addition to our website resource, The Smart! Book is available for free to pick up throughout Boulder County. Keep the printed version by your phone as a quick reference to the sustainable home improvement industry. To find out more about a listed service or product, just visit this website. Here you can research providers' websites, read their testimonials and their Smart! Tips before you make that call.

The Smart! Book started as a personal inspiration. I worked for many years as a commercial interior designer and struggled with contractors who didn't know how a material or service can affect our carbon footprint, didn't complete the job, didn't show up, or charged too much. After talking to many friends who had similar frustrating, even disastrous experiences, I conceived the idea of The Smart! Book; making smart decisions based on more information, testimonials and referrals. You can’t get that from the Yellow Pages.

For customers to make informed and educated decisions, we needed one place to find out about the sustainable practices of local businesses as well as their products and services. We needed to see photos of recent work, read customer comments, read their Smart! Tips and email them with questions and ask for bids. Our goal at The Smart! Book is to take the fear and frustration out of your home improvement or building project - to match the best services and materials with your undertaking in a way that supports individuals, families and businesses in reducing their carbon footprint.  With these ideals in mind I can guarantee your home will be a whole and healthy place for you and your family to live.

In December of 2009, I decided to take The Smart!
Book paperless - that is 50,000 less booklets on this planet. I feel that being virtual, can do even more for the businesses we represent. Now, I can proudly say that we are also making a small contribution to helping to heal this precious planet we live on - a truly Smart! decision.

Please enjoy our site. We continuously welcome comments, feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Kelly Roberts

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