We focus on progressive design with an environmentally conscious attitude. We design and install landscapes to insure that each phase of your project is clearly communicated and followed through. Our trained landscape architects, experienced installation crew, and environmental science backgrounds offer a large scope of experience from which to work.


The Sustainable Landscape:

EXHALE!  A gracious landscape is not just an economic asset,  it is a space to unwind. It is a place to add intrinsic peace into your life - you are worth it. We are a fast  paced society and that doesn’t usually change when you get home. Make your home a place of refuge even if your laptop is sitting under a vine-covered pergola and a peaceful space surrounds. Let go of traffic jams, fluorescent lights, and impatience.

Often times the most sustainable landscape solution is also economical in the short and long term. Urban Oasis sustainable practices, coupled with our efficient design build process makes Urban Oasis the most practical choice.

Are you looking for a landscape that will feed your body and soul? Simple monoculture landscape often leaves us with a landscape as interesting and productive as a parking garage. Urban Oasis finds ways to create depth, privacy, and beauty, by utilizing simple natural process.

We spend a lot of time coming up with innovative ways to conserve precious natural and economic resources. We have been working hard in the fields of masonry, irrigation, ecological restoration, vegetable production, and garden maintenance for 10 years.

One of Urban Oasis’ most exciting developments is some of our seeding projects that have restored native beauty o harsh environments. In the past seeding projects were plagued with weeds and the development of monocultures to list just a couple. We have worked hard to develop seeding techniques that overcome many of these problems.

Urban Oasis believes in the power of active enlightened communities. We see schools as the future, and we love the chance to help schools bring natural spaces and organic gardens onto their grounds and into their consciousness.

We firmly believe thoughtful management of our landscapes can lead us to healthy minds, bodies and environments. Ultimate gratification comes when customers tell us they feel we have sparked a new love affair with their land.

Ghandi said, “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”

When we reconnect with our land we reconnect with ourselves. This is why we take time to empower our customers by educating them about their landscapes. Many customers easily maintain their own landscapes and in some cases install certain aspects of their land scapes with our guidance.



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